April 14, 2021

How to run your first 42.195 kms, by Shajan Samuel

"Everything you wanted to know about yourself, you can learn in 42.195 kms" All amateur runners have this unbridled ambition of running their first 42.195 kms. A full marathon is the real deal& therefore there is no surprise that everyone wants to jump on to the bandwagon, sometimes a little too fast. Running is a natural form of human evolution & primary instinct; I find it strange when people tell me "I can walk but I cannot run". I ran 10 k’s for 4 years before graduating to half & then ultra, I ran my first 42.195 after completing 85…

April 14, 2021

Health Tip: Zone 2 Cardio by Sandeep Mall

I want to live long, healthy and active. And maintaining a good aerobic fitness is key to this happening. Steady State Cardio is key to achieving this. Work for an extended duration at moderate intensity (Upper Side of Zone 2) this is sweet spot for aerobic health benefits. Majority of the cardio should be at this intensity. Here are the benefits of Steady State Cardio 1) Health and Longevity – The aerobic energy system supports life. Aerobic fitness is a strong predictor of longevity, quality of your life and length of your life. 2) Supports Strength and muscle building –…

April 14, 2021

Run and Bee in the COVID era, by Dr. Rajat Chauhan

First published in ‘The Rundown’, January 2021. Now put together for #100DayChallenge by Sandeep Mall. This is the first in the series on how to get back to being active again in this Covid has broken us down more psychologically than physically. It’ll yet again be GOYA (Get Off Your Arse) that’ll help us reclaim our true self. No one else is going to come & fix anything for us. We’ve got to become our own best friend. “If you seek peace, be still. If you seek wisdom, be silent. If you seek love, be yourself.” — Becca Lee Read…

April 12, 2021

Health Tip: Breathe only through your nose between your strength training sets by Sandeep Mall

A great learning during lockdown has been about Breathing Right. Here is a tip I learned which has worked wonderful for me Incorporate Nasal Only breathing between your sets during strength Training. By closing your mouth and breathing entirely through the nose, your muscles will receive approx. 20% more oxygen. This will recharge your energy systems more quickly and more completely. Given that majority of weight training is rest time, the cumulative effect of breathing this way will have a significant impact on the amount of volume you can handle in a workout. This will help: Faster recovery between sets…

April 10, 2021

The Okavango Delta: The river that never reaches the sea

To be in the middle of the delta is immersing one’s soul amidst birdsong, palm trees and water lilies. An immersive experience within nature-that’s what we city folks always long for. Why else would I choose to take a pre-breakfast walk through a jungle trail teaming with hippos, elephants and lions? When during the walk, mammoth elephants blocked my way, I felt the adrenaline rush through my veins. As my heart pumped faster I knew I was truly alive. Being yet another animal amongst the wild animals in their natural setting is an excitement like no other. Welcome to the Delta. There…

November 4, 2020

Do resistance training for an ageless body

Running, cycling and other forms of cardio are good exercises but for holistic health and life-long fitness, you need to incorporate some form of strength training in your routine. Right in my late twenties, I invested all my energy in one thing only, my work. My Company, LNM Auto became my top priority. Working eighty hours a week, the growth and success I achieved, gave me a kick. The more my company grew, the more I would put effort into it. I never had time for myself or my family. Never thought about taking vacations. Then suddenly, I was hit…

November 4, 2020

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