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March 8, 2022

CELL: A cell is the basic unit of all living organisms. Some living organisms exist only as a single cell. An average-size man contains 60 to 100 trillion cells. Cells keep themselves alive, produce energy, exchange information with neighboring cells, multiply, and eventually die when their time has come. Each cell is a small container of chemicals and water wrapped up by a thin sheet of material.

TISSUE: Tissue is body material in animals and plants that’s made up of large numbers of cells that are similar in form and function.

MUSCLE: Muscles are masses of tissue in the body, often attached to bones that can tighten and relax to produce movemen...

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March 8, 2022

Running for Beginners by Sandeep Mall

Lot of people ask how to approach running. Most people set out on unplanned jogs. Many start to get injuries or pain and leave it. Running is a wonderful form of sport and I started late in my life around 15 months back. Here are some of the things that has helped me and will help any beginner:  Warm up & Cool down – Warmups minimize your risk for injuries. Jog for a comfortable 8-10 mins before starting your run. Do some dynamic warmup exercises – Walking lunges, knee hugs, Straight leg kicks, Ankle pulls, high knees, butt kicks, lateral shuffle.…

July 2, 2021

The Best Way To Train for a Good Health Span by Sandeep Mall

Last year, I read an interesting book “Exercised” by Daniel Lieberman. A fascinating book and I highly recommend to all. Our ancestors never exercised but were physically more active than we are today. Through physically active tasks like hunting, foraging and other tasks for survival, they were reasonably strong and had great endurance. If you look at their health span graphs vs. modern day and assuming they did die of infection or as an infant, killed by a wild animal, our ancestors lived a long life with high functional capacity. They lived many more years as active, functional & physically…

June 24, 2021

Reduce stress & take control of your life by Sandeep Mall

You are under stress all the time. Too much stress will make you feel overwhelmed, and this is when you’ll start to forget your healthy eating strategy and fitness regime. The result is likely to be weight gain. But, high levels of stress can also lead to other issues: High blood pressure Heart disease Diabetes Reduced Sex Drive Headaches – often caused by your muscles being tense all the time. Hyperventilation Stomach Ulcers & Other Issues Stress may have the ability to save your life, but too much is seriously bad for your health. Relieving Stress Through Fitness: Exercise is…

June 18, 2021

Manage Stress to Manage your weight loss by Sandeep Mall

Stressful living can be a big factor when it comes to your weight loss efforts, so learning how to manage stress will give you an advantage on your journey. Work on your stress to reduce weight. Chronic stress is the stress you feel from things like your job, family responsibilities, and money worries. This type of stress increases your cortisol levels and hinders weight loss. Many people over eat or drink more alcohol under stress. Meditate - 5-10 minutes every day. A daily meditation practice helps with decreasing stress for weight loss by making you more aware of the chatter…

June 11, 2021

Hit a plateau in your weight loss journey. This is what to do. By Sandeep Mall

Weight loss is not a linear process. You will lose weight and then plateau as your body is constantly adapting to the new eating habits and activities. You didn’t become overweight overnight. It was a process of gradual increase over years, maybe. Weight loss and gain share the same path. Your hunger levels are changing. Your body is recalibrating your new activities. 1) Keep multiple measurements of progress. The weighing scale is one way of measurement. For e.g., on your exercise routine, how is your performance? Are you getting it done with more weights? Or less time? How are your…

June 4, 2021

Sweet Spot to Burn more Fat by Sandeep Mall

There is a lot of confusion about the right ‘intensity’ for fat burning. Some claim that low intensity is better, others swear by high intensity, commonly known as HIIT. Science has the answer. There are two main fuel sources for your muscles: Fatty acids and Glucose. Fatty acids are predominantly burned when exercise intensity is low. This is the product of aerobic metabolism. Glucose is predominantly burned when exercise intensity is high. This is the product of anaerobic metabolism. Your body doesn’t literally switch from one energy system to the other when you reach a certain intensity. There is an…

June 3, 2021

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