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Personal Mentoring

The process will be very simple. It will be outcome based decision making. So first we will collect some data to start with. I will send you an extensive form.

  • Physiological indicators
    This includes blood work, other lab tests, digestive function, and immunity

  • Body composition and measurements
    This includes height, weight, body girths, lean mass, and body fat

  • Other health needs
    This includes known allergies or food intolerances, medication use, other health problems, and the other health care providers they work with

  • Function and physical capability
    This includes mobility, daily-life tasks, and athletic performance

  • Psychological state and mindset
    This includes readiness for change, resilience, and problem solving

  • Environment and lifestyle
    This includes social support, family, work hours and demands, and travel

  • Goals and desired outcomes This includes a specific goal weight or body composition change, decreased medication usage, improved performance measures, and improved relationship with food

Thereafter I will schedule a telecon and work together to create a plan which will include dietary suggestions, exercise routines, stress management, sleep patterns etc. The idea is to work towards deep health and your goals.

The process flow will be – We will

  • Gather and assess Data

  • Understand & Explore

  • Strategize& Plan

  • Choose & Test

  • Observe & Monitor

  • Analyse and Evaluate

We will schedule a fortnightly call thereafter and keep making changes to the plan based on outcome we see. We will work together for six months and then re-evaluate and see if you need further personal coaching. We will be exchanging lot of data, photos and videos during this time. It goes without saying complete confidentiality will be maintained for ever and same will be expected from your end also. Preferred communication daily will be on WhatsApp or SMS and fortnightly we will schedule a call, preferably over the weekend.

If you are interested and have more questions mail me at

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