Selfcare Mobility Routine

August 14, 2020

A simple self care routine for better mobility and pain free joints.

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August 14, 2020

Face Pulls

Most of the gym goers experience some sort of shoulder pain. One of the main reasons is unbalanced training. Thats mainly because of neglecting muscles of the external rotator of the shoulder. Facepull is my favourite exercise for the same. I make sure its part of my upper body or pull workouts. I would advise to do it in 1/2 kneel position as when we do it standing we will usually arch our back. We want to maintain a neutral spine while doing it. Tie up the band at your chin height. Engage your abs. Squeeze the glutei. When we…

August 14, 2020

Selfcare Mobility Routine

A simple self care routine for better mobility and pain free joints.

August 13, 2020

Life Lessons

Don’t craft a story out of past events. Writing own success story leads to arrogance. Personal gratification is harmful. It will negatively impact your future. When u r successful everyone is gunning for you. You can’t afford ego when u r at top. This is when stakes are the highest. This is when your ability to listen, to listen to feedback, to learn, to improve, to grow, matter more than ever. When u achieve success, don’t behave as if u planned it that way. Always remember - you were there when it happened.Know the race you are running. Most of…

August 2, 2020

15 Lessons I learnt about fitness

Today I complete 8 years in my fitness journey.I still remember coming back from the Doctor after a health checkup with very bad lipid profile and Doctor asking me to start some lifestyle medicines immediately. I didn't want to get into medicines so approached my neighbour who is an athlete and had played for Indian Boxing team in Commonwealth and Asian games to guide me and help in improving my health - the fitness way. For next two months he made sure I never missed any workout. He would wake me up and take me to the park and then…

July 16, 2020

How to be your best

Take care of these 6 dimensions of your health - physical, emotional, cognitive, social, spiritual, and environmental. You will be at your best always. Make it simple, cut the crap. You will be happy too. Physical - Move your body. Do exercise at least 30 minutes per day. Exercise is said to help you reduce possibilities of heart disease, mental illness and even cancer. Exercise does not mean gain to gym. It can be anything from walking to even working in our garden. Try to do at least 2-3 days outdoors in the green instead of doing indoors. Next is…

July 8, 2020

Some Fitness ‘Rules’ you can do without

There are many fitness falsehoods which we start to believe. I have also believed some of them till recently. You can just ignore these. Theres enough study there to prove them wrong You have to do HIIT to burn Fat - HIIT is hyped as burning maximum calories in minimum time. It is based on the theory that body processes more oxygen to recover in the days post HIIT. The theory is that Excess post exercise Oxygen consumption allows to burn fat faster for long time post HIIT. EPOC has little effect actually as a study found in 2006 showed…

June 27, 2020

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