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“Embarking on a quest for holistic well-being, I sought the expertise of a health mentor, Sandeep Mall, who promised to illuminate the path towards a vibrant, fulfilling life.
Through personalised guidance and practical tips, I learned to cultivate a deeper connection with the food I consume, understanding its impact on my energy levels, mood, and overall well-being.
I discovered the transformative power of deep, rejuvenating sleep with strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training in replenishing my energy reserves and vitality.
He guided me in nurturing meaningful relationships, fostering open communication and cultivating a supportive social network. I am profoundly grateful to him.”

Rakhi Thirani

“Your mentorship and holistic approach have been a continuous source of learning and growth, refining my outlook towards a happy and fulfilled life. I’ve learned and continue to experience the power of small changes, consistency, and the long-term compounding effect of upstream work; these have been crucial in my personal development journey.
I am grateful for the tremendous personal growth I’ve experienced under your guidance, and I recall lessons from you anytime I encounter a roadblock of any sort. The principle of prioritizing activities that promote personal growth and happiness, which you’ve instilled in me, will always be the guiding light for all my actions.
Thank You once again for all that you do.”

Pooja Surana

“I came across the Deep Health workshop through Sandeep Sir’s Twitter handle. Sir connects with each one of his mentees on a very personal level & the bond creates a very conducive environment to learn. I have learnt a lot of things for life & have already started realising the benefits on applying his principles. Sandeep Sir imparts the concepts on a basic level & his grip on each subject is absolutely thorough. Personally for me, tracking my sleep, the gratitude diary & time tracker has worked wonders. The basic framework of goal setting & the 6 pillars of “Deep Health” is very unique in itself. The workshop & the fellowship program has helped me create an “offline” socialising habit. I have made great friends in the workshop which I attended, also made friends from the previous batches as well. I think that is the power of positivity that Sandeep Sir talks about & it is equally voiced by each of his mentees. The selfless approach of imparting through his personal experiences is what makes the deep health workshop even more unique. More power to you sir.”

Abhishek Raj Agarwal

“Was lucky and grateful of Sandeep having accepted me as mentee. His mentorship is unique , its not about physical health. Its about overall quality of life and each component – sleep , exercise, Food, Mental health, relationships, Networking. And its not preaching, its an example which he lives by. Watching him live itself is a learning. How can one procrastinate all above when he can do while delivering all his responsibilities.
Interaction with him changed my outlook, deep health issues which I faced like sleep, Gut, even the though process of solving issues – what one can control and take action. And what one cant, just accept and move on.
And you know the best part, he does not earn , he just uses the program money for charity / social cause. We are worried of doing charity if it will be used for right purpose, one can blindly take a backseat here. What does he gain – changing people life. Look the kind of efforts he puts in to change. That itself is a big learning.I think he has found his Ikagai as they call in Japanese. Though am yet to find mine.
Thank You Sandeep for showing the path and being around though personally due to my short comings , I do slip a lot. But am determined to cross over.”

Pawandeep Chhabra

“Sleep and me
For many years ( Since 2013) – my sleep cycle was badly affected due to night calls. I don’t like my sleep to be interrupted so I try to stay awake whole night with help of “ friendly- potato chips, cakes and chocolates” and result was in 6 years I was 99 kg from 75 kgs.
My energy levels were always low, I try to dodge any new work or task offered which resulted into stagnant career growth.
After some diet adjustments and insult myself in some sporting activities- I lost few kilos but there was no improvement in energy levels or zero motivation to start any new work .
I used to tell my patients about importance of sleep and harmful effects of “ tired brain” which can cause seizures in epilepsy patients, headache episodes in Migraine patients and many other sleeping disorders but I never thought about sleep impact on my mental and physical health.
Then I met Sandeep sir – and apart from helping me in various aspects , he also explained a “sleep disorder treating neurologist” about importance of sleep and also fixed this issue for me.
After following just 3-4 months of proper sleep hygiene schedule , I noticed a variety of positive results like
  • feeling energetic in mornings and even post prandial ( after lunch)
  • Stagnant weight gone down for the first time in 70s from 80 s( kgs)
  • My physical improvement was easily noticeable by my colleagues
  • Improvement in Endurance level
  • Started a new business ( neuro clinic) in partnership and then my own clinic.
  • I could plan things and manage my time efficiently ( gym , swimming , cricket , clinic and family )
Overall -my whole life shifted from 1st gear to 4th due to changes in my sleep habits and now it’s running smoothly.”

Dr. Ravindra Singh Shekhawat

“Dearest Sandeep ,running short of words to express my gratitude and a very big thank u ,must have done some thing good ,very lucky to be ur memtee and thank u thank u for every thing ,u r a Rockstar,God bless u always 💖 “

Deepa Dave

“Sandeep’s mentorship has been a beacon of light, guiding me towards mental tranquility and contentment while fueling my ambition. His insights were invaluable during my fundraising and US trip, providing much-needed perspective. I look forward to contributing to our shared vision of a fitter, more mobile world.”

Brijraj Bhuptani

“Sandeep’s relatable journey and multidimensional approach to life have been transformational for me. He helped me balance my work, health, and relationships, leading to enhanced productivity and a happier family life. His scientifically backed techniques have been instrumental in improving my habits and energy levels.”

Kausshal Dugarr

“”Under Sandeep’s guidance, I experienced a mindset shift and discovered a symphony of habits that brought calmness, control, and resilience into my life. His belief in me was unwavering, and I am forever indebted for the positive changes I’ve experienced. I aim to live this symphony and spread its melody to those around me.”

Shishir Goel

“Sandeep’s clear priorities and deep knowledge in health were eye-opening and transformative. Simple yet effective solutions addressed long-standing issues, and his dedication to research was truly impressive. I highly recommend his training to anyone seeking a path to improved health.”

Sarang Bhandari

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