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About Sandeep

Sandeep Mall is a multifaceted individual who has made significant strides in various domains of life. He is not just an accomplished entrepreneur, but also a renowned wildlife photographer, a dedicated health coach, a respected mentor, and a devoted family man. His journey is a testament to his diverse talents and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Sandeep is the founder of LNM Auto Industries Pvt Ltd, a 100% Export oriented company that specialises in producing precision engineering components for a wide range of industries, including agriculture, mining, construction, and automobiles. His dedication to innovation and quality has earned LNM Auto recognition on a national scale. The Government of India honoured it twice as one of the Top 100 MSMEs in the country, in both 2016 and 2019.

Beyond the boardroom, Sandeep has a deep passion for wildlife photography. His talent in capturing the beauty of the natural world has been acknowledged through numerous accolades. He received the prestigious DJMPC India’s Best Wildlife Photographer award in 2014 and was named the ICICI Camaraderie National Winner in 2015. These honours underscore his ability to communicate the wonders of nature through his lens.

Sandeep Mall is not only a successful entrepreneur and photographer but also a Level 2 Health coach. He holds certifications in various aspects of health, including sleep, nutrition, stress management, and recovery. His commitment to holistic well-being is reflected in his role as a health coach, where he guides individuals towards healthier, more balanced lives.

His influence extends beyond his professional and creative pursuits. He serves as a mentor and coach to some of India’s prominent entrepreneurs and professionals, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience. He is the author of “Finding the Oasis,” a comprehensive book on deep health that covers all aspects of well-being. His commitment to empowering others shines through his mentorship and written work.

Sandeep’s life journey has taken him to 42 countries, providing him with a wealth of experiences and perspectives. His extensive travel has undoubtedly enriched his understanding of the world and its diverse cultures.

Sandeep remains a devoted family man. He lives with five generations under one roof, from his grandmother to his granddaughter. This strong family bond serves as a foundation for his life’s endeavours and underscores the importance of family values in his life.

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