A. An inspiring and exciting sequel to the first 100 Day Health Challenge, the Challenge 2.0 - #AdmireYourself, is a virtual fitness drive to inspire participants to regularly exercise for 100 days, leading to better health and lifestyle. It is open to only 1000 participants on a first come first serve basis. This 2022 challenge introduces the idea of admiring oneself and respecting ourselves more by keeping physically fit. To read about the previous challenge - click here

A. The Health Challenge will start on January 22, 2022 and run for the next 100 days. (May 1, 2022)

A. NO, this is a non-commercial event, conceptualized, founded, initiated and led by Sandeep Mall, who is a fitness enthusiast himself and is a FITIndia ambassador too.

A. Registration is now closed.

A. The participation fee is INR 409.00 only, which is the cost of custom T-shirt for every registered participant and was directly payable to the T-shirt company. Apart from this, there are two other optional registrations (available to first 100 participants on first come first serve basis) where one can pick either Dr. Rajat Chauhan for running/marathon training or Chirag Barjatyaa for strength training and fitness coaching for 100 days. The details are available here.

A. One, who scores the maximum number of points will be declared as the winner. To see how you can earn points, refer to the answer to next question.

A. The Challenge Methodology
Point Tabulation System
The top 3 winners of the Health Challenge will be decided, based on accumulation of highest points, in 2 broad categories -
Below 40 Years
40 years and above

There will be special trophies for the top 3 three women participants.

All registered participants will need to submit data of their exercise activities to the dashboard on our website, supported by screenshot from the app they are using to capture the activity details.
Read the following point system to understand how the point calculation and accumulation will work.
Points to be awarded for various activities (based on a minimum duration of 30 minutes and not exceeding 2 hours daily):
Run 2 km = 1 point
Walk 3 km = 1 point
Over 9 mins taken per km will be considered as Walk activity only, even if you enter it as a RUN activity.
Outdoor Cycling 3 km = 1 point
Weight / Strength Training 60 min = 7 points
Swimming - 250 mtr = 1 point
Yoga 60 mins = 3 points
Indoor Cycling 60 min = 5 points
Sports & Workout (Tennis/TT/Badminton/Soccer/Zumba/Aerobics etc) 60 mins = 3 points

STEPS (Data to be uploaded once a month after 30-day cycle)
(For example, step data for January 22 to February 20 should be uploaded by Wednesday, February 23, for data to be tabulated for the leadership board to be announced on February 27.)
1,20,000 - 2,09,970 Steps in 30 days(Daily Average of 4000 - 6999 Steps) = 60 points
2,09,971 - 2,99,999 Steps in 30 days (Daily Average of 7000 - 9999 Steps) = 120 points
3,00,000 Steps in 30 days (Daily Average of 10000 Steps) = 180 points

A. Don't worry, it's not that you have to work out every day. It's up to your individual capacity and goal. You may do it 3 times a week or even two times a day.
However, it is recommended that an individual should work out for a maximum of two hours per day. For calculating points, only 2 hours of activity data daily will be considered..

A. Please check your spam or junk folder. If you do not find the confirmation mail in any of these folders also, write to us at healthchallenge@sandeepmall.com with your payment details to check. Our volunteers will do the needful and share the details with you promptly.

A. The link to upload activities is the Login link placed on the menu on the Home page.

A. Please refer to the points given below:
a) All the data will be uploaded manually by the user anytime during the week.
b) Only Steps activity data will have to be uploaded at the end of every 30 days cycle for the first 3 months and last 10 day cycle appropriately.
c) You MUST update your activities latest by following Wednesday for the previous week. Weekly leadership board will be announced on every Sunday.For example, data for January 22-28 must be uploaded by February 2, for your data to be tabulated for the first leadership board announcement on February 6. Admin will reject all data beyond the above mentioned weekly timeline.

A. For any queries, write a mail to us instead of asking on social media as that might get unnoticed or unread. Send mail to healthchallenge@sandeepmall.com

A. Prizes for 100 Day Challenge 2.0:
1) Trophies for Top 3 in all categories - Under 40, 40 and above and Women.
2) Medals for Top 50 in under 40 and 40 and above, along with a Tea Hamper by Teabox
3) Winner in Under 40 category - Holiday at Cidade De Goa (B & B) for two nights.
4) Winner in 40 and above category - Apple watch 7 SE or Equivalent gift card
5) Winner in Women's category - Airpod pro or Equivalent gift card by Project Fitness Co.
6) 1st Runners up in under 40 and 40 and above categories - 2 nights stay at Kanha and one jungle safari for a couple by Earth Focus and an opportunity to experience Earth Focus' activities during the stay.
7) Top 3 in all three categories - Backpack from Stuff Cool, Sports Glasses from Enrico, Gift Vouchers from Suspire and Aboli Decor.
8) TShirts and Jackets by iLogo for the winners
9) Certificate to all 1000 participants with comprehensive personalized financial planning.
And many more..

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