Workshop on Deep Health

What it is about?

It will be a three-day workshop from 2nd- 5th March 2023 on Deep Health.

From setting up your Health Goals (Or any goals) to achieve them.

1.     Set clear outcome and behavior goals

2.     Break down goals into specific skills

3.     Build and improve those skills through targeted practices

4.     Break practices down into small daily actions that can be done reliably and consistently

Generally, it will cover the 5 S –

1.     Strategic – leveraging your strengths to address the thing that’s in the way right now

2.     Segmental – Breaking bigger things down into their compartment parts

3.     Sequential – Start with ‘thing 1’ then do ‘thing 2’ then do ‘thing 3’ and so on

4.     Simple – On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you that you can do this every day for two weeks

5.     Supported – include teaching, coaching, mentorship, and accountability.

The workshop will be designed for you to look at the bigger picture of health.

Recognize that seemingly unrelated factors, like relationships and work life, might affect your ability to lose fat, gain muscle, and/or improve your overall health.

So for the best results, it will help you identify all the things in your life that might affect your progress.

Will also help you identify –

What’s going well? Where are you thriving? It’s important to celebrate small wins, and notice where you’re already succeeding. Focusing your attention on those areas actually boosts your motivation, and trains your brain to keep winning.

Which areas might you like to improve? There may be some dimension of deep health that you hadn’t really thought of or attended to before. Even “failure” is animportant information — it’s honest data about where you might need more support, guidance, or practice.

Using science and data based tools will help you to set some realistic, manageable long-term goals for improving those dimensions of deep health that may be lagging.

Areas to be covered:

  • Goal setting

  • Sleep

  • Stress management

  • Nutrition & Food

  • Movement & Exercise

  • Mindfulness

  • Time management

  • Networking

Another important aspect of off-site events is Networking. You will be part of a group of 12 different individuals. It goes without saying networking is one of the best tools to accelerate personal growth.


The workshop will be held at Anandvan, the campus of Earth Focus Foundation, near Mukki Gate, Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh.


All proceeds will be directly given to Earth Focus and you will get 80G tax benefits.

About Earth Focus Foundation :

Earth Focus Foundation’s vision is to shape a Kanha landscape where people and nature thrive. Our mission is to empower forest-dwelling communities and restore nature through sustainable livelihoods and contextual education. In Kanha, we believe it is possible to place tribal families on fundamentally better life paths while actively safeguarding the local ecosystem. Our community-oriented approach to building resilient livelihoods and robust learning interventions leverages scientific and technical knowhow alongside traditional knowledge.

( website :, Instagram : earth_focus_kanha )

If you want to participate mail me at Only three seats left for this workshop.

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I wish all readers a very happy, prosperous and successful 2023.

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October 23, 2022

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