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If you think about it then exercise is all about movement . The ability to move all your body parts for it to be able to do things you need or want to do .For most part of our history movement was so heavily integrated in our lives that we did not need gyms or a special space for fitness. But in today’s setting , most of us are living a sedentary lifestyle stuck behind a desk , sitting on a couch or a car most of our day.
What if you had just one movement given the time and space constraints that you could do which would hit all your joints and muscles .
Here in this video is one such movement(actually it’s basically a bunch of movements ) that you can do to get vitality and keep yourself healthy and energetic.
Try it out.

One movement for Health & Strength by Nishant ( Twitter : @NishantPTrainer)

One movement for Health & Strength by Nishant ( Twitter : @NishantPTrainer)

Nishant Mandal is a certified Personal trainer/Online fitness coach based out of Delhi NCR. He is ACE-CPT, Crossfit L-1, PN-L1 certified and Calisthenics enthusiast, Deadlift Junkie, Movement & Mobility expertise
Getting people to move and better themselves since 2010 through individualised and challenging routines but not much than what one can’t handle. You can connect with him at
Mail @
twitter handle @NishantPTrainer
instagram : nishantfit

November 7, 2021

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