Workflow options in Photoshop Camera raw


1. Space – Adobe RGB is usually the most common choice for all photographersAt the bottom of camera raw you will see a blue hyperlink which shows the color space, bit depth and resolution setting of the image. Click the hyperlink to open up the Workflow Options dialog box and take control of how the image will be opened into Photoshop.

2. Depth – Work in 16 bit mode in photoshop always as it offers 24 million values per pixel where as 8 bit image offers 256 possible values per pixel. Basically means 16 bit offers more information to start with which ensures better print. Quality loss is minimum.

3. Size – you can change the megapixel count when opening from camera’s native size. You can make the image larger and retain the sharp edges.

4. Resolution – The number of pixels per printed inch is referred to as resolution. For printing purpose it should be set anywhere between 150-450 pixels per inch

5. Sharpen for – Choose the desired target including screen, Matte or Glossy Paper. I prefer standard sharpening


April 6, 2013

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