Work Life Balance

Let me share a story of successful businessman who worked long days and also on weekends, almost 80-90 hours a week for most of his working life. That’s me.
I always used to think am doing it for my family and boys. Someday I will make enough money to give them great comfort and enjoy the future. We Will spend lot of time together; go for holidays and do things we have never done.
God has been kind. Now I have money and time. But Will I get back those years? Will I get back opportunity to attend their PTMs. Will I get to tell them bedtime stories now? Will I get to participate in their sports day?
Do you think you can cut deal with God that time stands still for you holding off anything important until you are ready to participate again? Even if I won on what I was doing but I have to live with what I have lost. Guilty and in pain lifelong.
My work demanded me to completely focus on it. And the problem is when you focus on something truly important, something will always be underserved. Leaving somethings undone is a tradeoff for extra ordinary results.
My question to you this Sunday is what you are doing different. Or would have done different from what I did? Or what I did was the way it should be. Let’s converse. Mail me at

October 31, 2021

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