For the second wild card challenge, get ready to test your body’s balance and earn a few bonus points while having fun.

Flamingo Balance Test – your ability to balance successfully on a single leg and assesses strength of the leg, pelvic, trunk muscles as well as static balance.

The Challenge will be open from February 19 to February 25.

How to perform test

  1. Stand on any flat surface as shown in the video.

  2. Keep balance by holding someone or something, if required, to start.

  3. While balancing on the preferred leg, the free leg is flexed at the knee and the foot of this leg held closed to the buttocks.

  4. Start the timer as you leave the support, in case u took, to start.

  5. Pause the stop watch each time you lose balance.

  6. Resume again until you lose balance.

  7. Count the number of falls in 30 seconds.

  8. If there are more than four falls you don’t qualify for any point.

  9. Points you can earn in 30 seconds of Flamingo Balance Test:

    • No fall – 20 points

    • One fall – 15 points

    • Two falls – 10 points

    • Three falls – 5 points

  10. Upload the video like last time on your social media. Use #AdmireYourself and #WildCard2. After posting on social media, copy the link of the post, login to the activity dashboard and choose relevant Flamingo Balance (depending on number of falls) and paste the link of your post about balance test. In case, if you do not have any social media handle, you can upload the 30 second balance video on the activity dashboard (file size limit:5MB).

Admins have the right to reject the entry in case if the rules are not followed. Videos uploaded before February 19 or after 26 will not be accepted.