Why I like London

Minoo and I took a small holiday to London last week. It has been some time when we have had a holiday. It was great to be at London and we had a perfect time there. Except that the weather had been bad and rainy for four of the five days we were there. But it was fun seeing history specially for me who likes to read history. London has been always a place which I liked though both times I traveled there I was on the bad side of the weather. There are several reason why I like London. The most important of them being it teaches me to be humble. I recollect being a part of a school play on Indian independence. My parents had come with proud eyes to see their son being selected in a school play but unfortunately I was in and out of the stage before they could even know it was me. Any way i recollect the starting lines of the play ” The sun never sets in Great Britain”. These guys used to rule 56 countries across the globe. Now the sun does not even rise for half of the year in London with rains.Just see what is left of the great empire. A country smaller than the state of West Bengal in India. This is a great example for all to be humble. You dont know when your arrogance can get back to you. Be good to all.

Its also good to see Britains acceptance of the fact that India and Indians are good for them. We have so many Indians now in the parliament. Even the tube has signs in just not Hindi but Bengali also. Ravi Bopara is among the many Indian cricketers playing for England. You dont feel out of place or afraid to travel around UK.

I also appreciate Britain’s contribution to India. They have given India amongst the best structures like our parliament, Presidents house or the beautiful Luytens Delhi. The Indian railways is what it is today because of the Britishers built it. They gave us our heroes. Mahatma Gandhi and Peace is Britain’s contribution to the world. If they had not tortured India to the level they did we would never have our heroes.

Well some other reasons I like London is because we located a shop in Oxford street which sells good shirts for 3 pounds. We ate the best pan cake at a street vendor on the other side of Thames from London Eye. Language and food is never a problem here. The people are friendly and very cosmopolitan. There is so much to see here that a week is not enough. And the best part is History is properly maintained. I pity the famous structures and old buildings decaying in Kolkatta. Hope we learn a thing or two from them. Like New York I would anyday like to go there for my holidays. There can never be enough of London. If just they return the Kohinoor. It was sad to see the dazzling Indian diamond lying in a London museum.

June 10, 2009

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