Why I decided to transform

From my late 20’s I transferred all my energy to one thing and that was my work. LNM Auto was my top priority. Working 80 hours a week the growth and success that it gave me used to give me a kick. The more my company grew, the more I would put efforts into it. Never had time for myself or even family. Took no holidays. Then I was hit by a thunderbolt. One day I looked at the mirror and couldnt recognise the man looking back at me.  He looked old, tired, haggard.  I had gained weight and was depressed about how I looked and felt. With no passion, I would talk to Sameep all negatives as if I was going to die any day and he should leave his studies and start taking care of family and work. There was no essence to me. Some thing had to change and it had to start with me. I had to initiate a change.

My neighbour was national level boxing champion and he introduced me to gym. I joined casually. He quit his own training for a month and religiously woke me up every day and spent one hour training me. In that one month I got hooked. When I started I could hardly walk 100 meters straight and without fatigue. Running was ruled out. My all medical reports were bad. Almost everything was out of range. I was depressed with myself. Gymming became an important routine in my life.  There was nothing that would keep me off my training. I even skipped lot of photography trips as those meant missing training. It wasnt always easy and I felt like crashing and quitting at times. But I was on fire and nothing could stop me from doing my work outs. I am insanely focussed to achieve my goal at the gym. I am lucky to have a wonderful trainer who pushes me to my extremes and makes me give 110%.  I religiously try to follow my diet plan even though I travel a lot.  I set tougher goals once I reach earlier ones.  This keeps the momentum going. From 25% fat I plan to reach 6% and have 6 more months to achieve that.

I used to live in tremendous pain which would not recoup after I broke my disk and injured my spinal chord from a car crash.  After 6 months at the gym now I have almost negligible pain.  This has been an added bonus.

If I can do it , anyone can. Find a good gym and a trainer. This is your journey. A Competition with yourself. Enjoy the process and the result. Be healthier this new year. All the best.

December 30, 2012

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