Why I am active on social media

My closest friends are not on social media, nor is my wife and both sons. At times when I take a picture of some event happening or check in at a place some of them make a fun ki ab yeh facebook me upload hua.  And yes some times they do appear on social media.

What & Why do I share. I share positivity. It helps me build my self confidence. I cannot be happy and confident when I am just taking; it simply doesn’t work. I can only be happy when I am sharing and offering the best of myself. In that way, I don’t feel empty. When I offer the best of myself in an unselfish way, my happiness and confidence increases – the more I give, the more I receive. I believe that the self esteem of individual increases when it can contribute what he or she is. I share love, peace and happiness from my daily life and from the beautiful nature. These are not words or emotions. This is my way of building self confidence that I have something good to share.  I rarely focus on my weakness and what I lack. I prefer to look at what qualities, talent I have in me. I look at positive aspects of my life and realise I have so much to offer, so much to give to others…I try to be a positive company.

I am happy that I have built up a positive set of like minded friends using these platforms. And thats why I love to be active in social media. And let me add that some of these like minded people from across the globe joined hands to make a Rotary Eclub which is doing tremendous work across the globe. Social media keeps me in regular touch with my family, my batchmates and friends. And yes it provides me an audience for all my photography work. So I love to be active on all these platforms.

January 1, 2013

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