Why Fitness is More than Just Losing Body Weight and Having Six Pack Abs

by Chirag Barjatya
Everyone wants a svelte body, washboard abs, thin waist, perfect jawline, hourglass figure and firm booty. But is achieving the desired physique all that easy? The answer is no! Should one get on the bandwagon and strive for a ‘perfect’ body at all costs? Not quite. The truth is fitness is never a ‘one glove fits all,’ phenomenon and works differently for each individual.
 Yes, if someone is obese and wants to get back in shape, he or she must aim towards losing the fat, not the weight. And if someone is not obese per se, he or she can aim for recomposition where we aim to build muscles and losing fat at the same time. Both things can be achieved without starving yourself and by enjoying your favourite food items once in a while.
Fitness is not one glove fits all. So why do most fitness trainers/nutritionists prescribe a template diet plan (low carb- high protein)? What if someone has a kidney issue or has high uric acid and have more proteins that can impact their health? 
 This is the biggest problem we are facing in the fitness industry boom, where many influencers-turned-trainers are now selling templates to their clients without caring about their diet history, their food habits, their medical condition and the stress levels they are under due to their regular job. One template doesn’t and won’t ever work for all. That’s why we have got doctors in our team, whenever a client enrolls with us with a medical condition like uric acid, or lifestyle disorders like PCOS/Ds, we make their diet plan as per the physician’s advice and keep a check regularly.
 Indian food is healthy and can help you to achieve your goals easily. You don’t have to eat oats or rely on salads all the time. Most of our mentees eat poha in breakfast or simple wheat flour paranthas. Because the calories are the same and one should follow a diet which he or she can adhere to for a lifetime. One of the biggest myths is that we have to always eat bland salad-based meals to lose weight, which isn’t true at all. One can enjoy Rajma Rice, Dal Roti, Dal Rice, Poha, Upma, even Pasta and biryani too, while on a weight loss diet.
Chirag Barjatya, founder of ProjectFitCo. started a nutrition coaching service as freelancer in 2018, expanded to TeamChirag later in 2019. He founded ProjectFitCo in 2021. He has coached 1500+ clients alone and 3200+ with team from every part of the world. You can find him on twitter @chiragbarjatyaa

January 12, 2021

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