What we have lost over the years

I spent the Saturday watching two 1950’s movies – ” Do Aur Do Char” and ” Mr X in Bombay”. I had no idea what these movies are about but got them as I wanted to see Kishore Kumar movies as they have rib tickling comedy. Divyansh was not amused as firstly they were old movies and secondly Black & White. Well ‘Do aur Do Char” is inspired by Shakespeares “Comedy of Errors”. Sanjeev Kumars ” Angoor” which came many years later on the same theme should give in its credit this movie also apart from Comedy of Errors as quiet a number of scenes and dialogues have been picked from here. Mr. X in Bombay must have been Shekhar Kapoors inspiration for Mr. India – all the vanishing tricks etc etc. Its obvious the movies are not sleek, presentable and designed like those of today but they are honest and gives a ring side view of the socio economical state of the people and country at that time. How people were honest, truthful, satisfied and happy despite all the hurdles. Kishore Kumar singing on the Gateway of India with the Arabian sea or Taj Hotel as backdrop is a delight to watch. Very few people and automobiles on the road. It must have been such a non polluted world at that time.With technology movies in the last 50 years have become very sleek, well chopped and cut and presentable. But we have lost out so much in the process. Patience. The fast food culture has just wiped out this word from every ones dictionary. Instant result is in. Few weeks crash courses promises entrance to IIT’s. I am confused whether getting to IIT’s is priority or gaining knowledge is. Truth. We can go to any distant from truth in this competitive world. Its now such a habit worse than smoking that people speak lies where they have nothing to even gain out of it. Humble. Its a show mans world. You have to show even if you dont own. I am surprised as the sole reason to own a big car is to show off to friends and not personal joy or requirement. Fear. Cellphones & TV’s have bought in our live more stress than comfort. I still recollect once while returning from Nagpur with Mom our train caught fire and almost 70-80 people died. We survived and reached home on an alternative train and in fact till the time we told dad and others at home of what we went through they were not even aware such an incident has taken place. In today’s world I can imagine what Dad would have gone through with the Breaking News updating him every minute. I would also like to share yesterdays incidence. Divyansh had a football match. He plays at a ground near our home. For this match he was to go to some distant ground. When I found out he has gone with some one else and not our driver , I was upset with Minoo and when he didnt reach home when he said he would, I send our driver to fetch him. I in fact was contemplating giving him a cellphone though Minoo and myself had decided we will give him cellphone when he reaches 16 – another three years to go. Innocence. The speed at which the kids grow up in today’s 24 hrs satellite world is a pity. I really wish they had even 10% of the fun we or our parents had. The whole childhood is lost in useless school projects, 24 Hrs TV channels, video games, social networks like orkut & facebook. Nature. The biggest non human casualty has been nature. Its so depressing to see all that we have done with nature over the years. What we are leaving for our next generation. Crossing Yamuna river on way to Noida from Delhi is such a painful site with just a sewerage canal left of our holy river.
I have listed some of the problems we have created in this period of transition to this modern colorful world. We have lost out on our crying and laughing more often, more openly and more sincerely.We lost out on a world where being emotional was not synonymous as being weak. When journey was as important as destination. When travel in a passenger train gave enough time and opportunity to enjoy the nature outside than today’s airconditioned trains with dark glasses and curtains. Its good and advisable to see these Black and White movies in between to constantly remind us what the hell we have done for ourselves and the gen next and at least some where our conscious will not allow us to let it deteriorate that fast even if we cant stop it.

July 5, 2009

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