What Should I Eat for Mental Health

Discover how food can affect your mood and cognitive capacity

  1. Focus on over all dietary patterns – Consistently eating a wide variety of minimally processed food influences mental and emotional health much more than consuming any nutrient or super food

    Minimally processed food nourish your brain

    To eat for mental and emotional health using a continuum approach

    Supplement, if need be – A wide range of substance may boost the effects of dietary pattern, specially if you are deficient. Make sure you talk to your doctor about pros and cons.

    2. Don’t try to be perfect – As dietary restriction go up, so can emotional health related problems like food obsession, anxiety and disorder eating.

    3. Pay attention to how and where you eat – Your environment, eating companions and your thoughts can effect your mental well-being as as much as what’s on your plate.

    4. Conduct experiments to see what works for you- Pick an experiment from the chart below.

    After trying for one of the above for several days, consider these questions:

    Do you feel better than before? Or worse. If you feel better, consider keeping that practise in place. If feel worse, this is not for you. Keep experimenting. Adding some strategy, ditching some until you create a personalised nutritional approach.

December 11, 2022

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