What If….That Kills So Many of US

Mulla Nasruddin was given an interview with a shipping company. The manager asked, “Nasruddin, it is a dangerous job. Sometimes the ocean behaves so roughly. If you are caught in tidal waves, what are you going to do with your ship?”
He said, “No problem at all. I will simply lower down the defense mechanism that every ship has, just weights, huge weights which keep the ship stable even when there is so much turmoil all around.”
The manager said, “Another tidal wave is arising…?”
He said, “No problem. I will again lower down a huge weight” – In the shipping world these weights are called langers.
The manager said, “But if a third wave comes, what will you do?”
He said, “No problem…a bigger langer.”
The manager is in a difficulty what to do with this man. He says,“From where are you getting all these langers?”
Mulla Nasruddin said, “And from where are you getting these tidal waves?”
The same is the source….
You go on bringing tidal waves and I will go on lowering bigger and bigger langers.
Mind creates problems, raises tidal waves and then searches for langers and creates those langers also…. But more tidal waves are coming, and things become very difficult.
Anxiety is about the anticipation of danger, not danger itself. Anxiety reflects an overly active mind. As such, slowing down our breathing can be used to slow down our thoughts and reduce what feels like anxiety. Slow nasal breathe in and breathe out can help get over anxiety.

June 5, 2022

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