What does LNM stand for?

On one sunny morning, citizens of Athens were amazed to see their great philosopher wandering on the streets with a lantern in his hand in search of some precious thing. He seemed to be very desperate as if some valuables had lost and to find that is question of life and death for him. If he would have been an ordinary person, people might consider him to be insane, but he was a great philosopher. On inquiring, he hopelessly told that he was in search of human beings. People around were shocked that he did not consider them as humans. He further explained that he could see a cobbler, a smith, a businessman, a courtier, a dancer, and so on around, but not a human in true sense.

Friends, through this story, I want to impress upon you, not to consider LNM as a Industry or a production center only. It’s not only a place where CNCs ,VMCs & furnaces operate with whispering sound, where we work in airconditioned atmosphere, where systems are monitored through ISO, TS and SAP, where computers make it a paperless and voice less environment, where we all work for our bread and butter, where its blue all around with no red spot anywhere, where quality in production is the top most priority, where timely payment is commitment, where customer gets a one-stop-shop facilities, where expansion and upgradation go on continuously, where challenges have been met successfully, so far.

It is something more than that, it is more lively and vibrant and  a place, where work is considered to be like worship, where we begin and end our day smilingly greeting JAISRIKRISHNA, where we try to earn for country and self, where quality of human resources matches quality of production, where oneness prevails in sharing happiness and sorrow amongst all without any prejudice, where smiling faces welcome everyone, where everyone cares for others, where spirituality and honesty drive every action, where ‘love and to be loved’ principle co-exits amongst management and coworkers, where fellowship and friendship spring out all around, where regards and respect flourish in between, where sentiments and heart overwhelm mind and intelligence, where family members of all feel have their faith -and the list goes beyond the ability to express health-felt emotions.

It was a small dream project to begin with. With fulfilment of every dream with everyone’s dedication and God’s graciousness, we continue to dream bigger. Sky is the limit – not for monetary achievement, but for value based targets. More information about what we do at www.lnmauto.com

August 24, 2012

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