Twelve Important Benefits of Improving Breathing

BOOST YOUR ENERGY- Energy production with oxygen is far more efficient since it gives up to 16 times more energy compared to without oxygen
INCREASE FAT BURNING -Fat can only be burned in the presence of oxygen, so impaired breathing closes the door slightly to our fat reserves
RELAXED BRAIN – Our brain is a major consumer of oxygen and consequently it is the organ that suffers most from poor breathing habits
GREATER SEX LIFE-The sex enhancement drug Viagra was developed thanks to research on NO, a substance produced in large quantities in our nose
SLEEPING BETTER – Man is the only animal that sleeps with an open mouth. Mouth breathing at rest gives oxygen deficiency, increased stress and less sleep.
STRONGER HEART- Tense, non-rhythmic and stressed breathing makes for a strained, non-rhythmic and stressed heart
STRAIGHTER TEETH -Mouth breathing alters the position of the tongue, which affects the development of the face, teeth and smile
IMPROVED ENDURANCE -We can’t swim, bike, run or maintain optimum strength and endurance if our breathing is impaired
LESS WORRY – When afraid and worried, we breathe high up in our chest in an attempt to “run away” from the unpleasant feelings often situated in our abdominal area
EXPERIENCE LESS PAIN -Improving your breathing habits give you access to a powerful tool for pain relief. 
IMPROVE ASTHMA – Asthma is a disease that constricts the airways, often because of impaired breathing habits
INCREASE SPIRITUAL GROWTH – A calm and cantered mind is better equipped for the path of spirituality. So, for any individual on the spiritual path, one of the most important objectives is equanimity—the ability to stay calm through the ups and downs of life. 

January 16, 2022

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