Toolkit to Take Care of Our Earth

As citizens our individual decisions shape how our societies impact the environment.
  • Raise your voice – Start a petition, organise a debate or call a demonstration to encourage your government – national or local, including at city-level – as well as big businesses to join the net-zero coalition, transform transportation, restore and protect nature and clean up our air and water.
  • Spread knowledge – Take a deep dive around an issue that concerns you and spread your knowledge with friends, family and your wider community, and in public discussions, including on social media.
  • Energy Positive Homes- Use efficient heating and cooling systems to save the planet and claw back the cost with lower bills. Changing your habits can also make a big difference, so turn the thermostat up or down a degree, ditch or add a layer of clothing and don’t heat or cool only the rooms in use.
  • Balance your diet – A balanced diet is one that provides energy and nutrients from several different food groups. Reduce foods that need more natural resources, especially water, to produce (meat uses more than plants or pulses), or fruits and vegetables that aren’t in season or are imported over long distances.
  • Beyond buying – Think about what you really need and cut back the amount of stuff that you buy – and throw away. Choose items that are made to last and that can then be recycled or repurposed. Maybe you can find what you need second hand.
  • Ditch Disposable – Refuse everyday products that cannot be reused, such as plastic cups and cutlery, plastic and paper bags, batteries and sanitary products.
  • Keep Active- Do more walking or cycling to cut vehicle pollution and road congestion while getting some fresh air and boosting your fitness. The more people use cycle lanes and sidewalks, the more governments will need to re-design infrastructure to focus less on cars.
  • Share your ride- If walking or cycling isn’t practical, opt for public and shared transport instead of driving. Hook up with family, friends and colleagues to share a ride – and the cost – of any car travel.
  • Holidays – Staying local for holidays can reduce your carbon footprint, save you money and allow you to travel more slowly, without the stress of long journeys. If you do go the distance, do it less often but stay longer.
  • Get Involved – Join a local organization that advances sustainability and restores nature including by campaigning for systemic change.
  • Conserve Energy – Insulate your home and push for insulation in your workplace, keeping them cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Turn-off lights and electronics when not in use, use appliances with high energy-efficiency ratings in your home. This will reduce emissions and save you money.
Humanity has come together before to prevent environmental catastrophes, mend the ozone layer, support vulnerable communities, restore millions of hectares of land and marine ecosystems protecting thousands of species, and ban dangerous pollutants – saving countless lives.
Let those victories be the torches that ignite more action and illuminate the path to a world in which we can live at peace with nature.

June 5, 2022

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