Toolkit to Remain Calm

I had years of struggle managing my anger. I have broken up many glass doors, TV and even hurt my hand badly in those moments. Then my wife suggested we go to a counsellor. So we went for twelve sessions. That helped me calm down and understand my problem areas. Here are some of the things that can help:
Move daily: Go outdoors. Exercise at least for 20 minutes everyday. Like caged animals, humans do not fair well when we are sedentary for too long. Get out of your comfort zone.
Practise being slow: Consciously practise slowing down. Agitated people are often a gear or two too fast. As such, life comes at them very quickly and they have to do more to process everything. Slow down how you talk and how you move physically.
Eat the right food: Eat the foods that work for you. Sugar or over dose of caffeine can make many people anxious. You know your body and how you feel in it. If something repeatedly makes you anxious, decrease it. Simple as that.
Regularly go into nature: Catching early morning light in the adjoining park can have a soothing effect on your nerves. There are various other benefits also. Sometimes a walk in a park is all it takes to get us out of our heads and into our bodies again. Calm people continually nurture their bond with nature.
Don’t take things personally: Regard your sense of ‘self’ loosely. Insecure people believe they need to defend the idea of who they are, and are easily triggered by criticism or anything that looks like an attack (which it rarely is). Calm people see things for what they are and don’t make everything about them.
Do mindfulness: Spend some minutes everyday to breathe light and right. Practise spirituality. Calm people have a sense of the forces existing beyond the material world.
Be practical: Most of the things, that you think are important today, will not even matter few weeks from now. Keep away from things and people, who don’t aid your growth.
Write gratitude diary: A gratitude diary is perfect to read back and check on facts that have happened. We tend to forget the good things and will always remember the bad things that had happened.

May 29, 2022

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