Toolkit to Improve Strength & Co-ordination

So many physical abilities decline with normal aging, including strength, swiftness, and stamina. In addition to these muscle-related declines, there are also changes that occur in coordinating the movements of the body. Together, these changes mean that as you age, you may not be able to perform activities such as running to catch a bus, walking in the park, carrying groceries into the house, keeping your balance on a slippery surface, putting your cabin baggage in a flight, or playing catch with your grandchildren as well as you used to with your children.
Changes in strength, swiftness, and stamina with age are all associated with decreasing muscle mass. 
Changes in coordination are less related to muscles and more related to the brain and nervous system. Multiple brain centers need to be coordinated to allow you to do everything from hitting a cricket ball while playing with your grand child, to keeping a coffee cup steady as you walk across a room.
One of the major reasons of this deterioration is reduced level of physical activities. There is a myth in our society that it is fine to do progressively less exercise the older you get. The truth is just the opposite! As you age, it becomes more important to exercise regularly — perhaps even increasing the amount of time you spend exercising to compensate for bodily changes in hormones and other factors that you cannot control. These tools will help you improve your co-ordination and strength at any age:
  1. Do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every week. Walking, swimming, jogging, cycling, aerobic or Zumba class.
  2. Do at least two days of strength and balancing exercise routines a week like weightlifting, yoga, pilates etc.
  3. Play a sport that you like. can be TT or badminton or golf..any thing.
  4. Hire a coach who can check your form and advise
  5. Get treated for diseases that interfere in your activities like cataract, orthopaedic injuries or dental.
  6. Eat whole foods, lots of vegetables and protein, nuts, beans, whole grains, and poultry. Eat packaged foods sparingly.
  7. Sleep well. Recovery is equally important for improved functioning of body and brain.
  8. Be a part of a community. Going out for walks with a group or part of a Zumba class not only keeps you motivated, it also helps in building social bonding, which goes a long way in stress management.
It is possible to reverse decline and stay healthy from any age. So start now.

April 24, 2022

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