Toolkit to Take Care of Your Eyes

Eye sight and movement are the two most important blessings we have that not taken care of can make us dependent on others. Some of us have started doing things that will help in better movement but we are getting worse and worse towards eye care. There is no replacement for spending most of our wake up time looking at screen now. But if we can do our visual behaviour right we can handle it properly. Taking care of eye is of utmost importance for anything we do. Here are some protocols that can help.

1. Morning Walk – Spend 15 minutes outdoor in early part of the day when sun is still low in the sky. Don’t look directly in the sun. If you can’t see sunlight if there is a cloud cover spend some more time. If you can do it again during sunset that’s bonus.
2. Spend time outdoors – Give 2 hours every day outdoors getting that sunlight even if you are doing something else. This has a significant effect on reducing the probability that you will get myopia. This includes children also. Remember we have evolved spending time outdoors more than indoors.
3. View the Horizon – f you are someone who spends a lot of time on screen, which most of us these days do, after every 90 minutes of your zoom calls, open the window or get into the balcony and view the horizon for 20 minutes. Let your vision expand. You want the lens mechanism to be elastic and not stuck in looking up things up close. This will also help you maintain your mental system and stress also. Take a few physiological sighs. This relaxation of the lens is the best thing you can do for the musculature of the inner eye. Let your eyes relax.
4. Generate optic flow. Means you are moving and the visual image around you are passing by your eyes is good for the visual system. It’s also very good for the mood system. That’s why we go for long drives when mood is not right.
5. Look Up -When you feel tired looking at screen, it can be beneficial to your system, to actually look up towards the ceiling , pulling those pupils up, and looking 10-15 seconds. This will make you alert and wakeful. So eyes up will increase alertness. Positioning screen at eye level or keeping your cell phone up while using instead of chin down can substantially help you alter your work efficiency and alertness.
6. Sleep in dark room – Children who sleep with lights on, even dim lights are more likely to develop myopia. Conversely children who sleep in very dark room they have significantly lower probability of developing myopia. Try to sleep in complete dark atmosphere.

October 31, 2021

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