Toolkit to Improve Your Bolt Score

1.Breathe through your nose. Always. Nose is for breathing and mouth is for eating. Nasal breathing results in 10-20 percent more O2 uptake. It removes a significant amount of germs and bacteria from the air you breathe in. If you are doing Nasal breathing during exercise it gives more aerobic training effect, improving your Vo2 max. And most importantly Nasal breathing is imperative for harnessing the benefits of Nitric Oxide. Mouth breathing bypasses this special gas which helps in keeping us away from various diseases including cancer and promotes a longer life. 

Observe your breathing throughout the day. Good breathing during rest should not be seen or heard. Avoid taking big breathes during talking or yawning. Stop losses of Carbon dioxide. 

2. Improve your tolerance of Carbon dioxide. Do breathing exercises. Some of the exercises are shown in this newsletter

January 9, 2022

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