Toolkit to Improve Mental Health

1.     Reduce Negativity– Your emotions, feeling and environment have a huge impact on your mental health. If your environment is full of negativity, it will then begin to transfer into other parts of life. Increasing positivity is the best way to reduce negativity.
2.     Daily Journaling– Journaling helps both your memory and mental health. Everyday write out your to do list, daily gratitude and affirmations. Practicing gratitude will change how you look at your life. When you write down, it is best way to vent out thoughts and feelings. 
3.     Focus on self-care – spend some ‘ME’ time by following your passion and hobbies. Self-care has been defined as providing adequate attention to one’s own physical and psychological wellness.
4.     Reduce Screen Time– Read more books as books open our mind and enables us to grow and change as individuals. Sometimes we find the answers of questions that wander in our minds. Self help category of books proved helpful for good mental health.
5.     Seek professionals– In few cases, the personal efforts are not enough for improving and maintaining mental health then seek counselling psychologists or psychiatrist for better recovery. 
Dr. Neha Das is a counselling psychologist. She has done Ph.D in Psychology & is a certified counselor. She has published numerous research papers in national and international journals. Presently she is working as School Child Care Counselor at Sri Aurobindo Centre of New Education, Jodhpur and is founder of Serene Psychology Clinic where she does private practice of counselling. She was thrice awarded as best academic head at state level. You can find her on Twitter at @drnehadas

March 27, 2022

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