Toolkit to Help Reduce Sugar

  1. Plan limited social engagements for the first two weeks; these are the hardest times when cutting out or reducing sugar intake. Being around other people, and their chocolate and Jalebis, can be a big source of temptation
  2. Keep healthy snacks readily available at home, at work.
  3. Remove artificial sweeteners; you need to retrain your taste buds, and artificial sweeteners will sabotage that process by maintaining your damaged sense of what sweetness really is
  4. Include some protein in every meal: meat, fish, eggs, nuts and/or seeds; protein keeps you feeling full for longer, which helps avoid sugar cravings
  5. Be prepared – get into the habit of keeping emergency snacks with you; when travelling, I will take with me some nuts and seeds, which help me to resist temptation
Take back control of your taste buds and tune in to your body’s innate signals. If you want that Gulab Jamun, enjoy it, but have it once in a while – and no more. Just ensure that you eat it with the conscious knowledge that you’re having sugar.

January 30, 2022

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