Toolkit for Implementing Resolutions

by Sri M
Just when I was discussing with a mentee, about the challenges in keeping up the New Year’s resolutions, my sister shared a wonderfully written piece by Sri M – The Secret of Implementing a Resolution. I am quoting a few lines from the article:
“It’s time to take a step forward once more, for the New Year is at hand.
One can move from ‘the past’ to ‘the present’ and turn over a new leaf in one’s life. Change completely if required and have a new life altogether!
Resolutions are made every New Year. By the time the day dawns on the New Year, all resolutions are forgotten – no resolutions are implemented. Can we have this New Year differently? Can we resolve that we will discipline ourselves?
So what resolution should we make again for this new year and, the most important part – implement the resolution – not just make.” – Sri M 
Click here to read the complete article by Sri M, on learning the secret of implementing a resolution
During our previous 100 Day Health Challenge, we had an enriching session with Sri M on ‘Yoga – Way to a healthy body and super mind’. Click here to watch the video. 
Sri M, born as Mumtaz Ali, is an influential thought-leader, an eloquent orator, educationist, social reformer and spiritual guide, who largely dedicates his life to humanitarian and peace-making initiatives. A Padma Bhushan awardee, his life and work are fine examples of bringing forth the essence of ancient scriptures into modern-day living. You may connect with Sri M on Instagram @SriM_Official

January 2, 2022

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