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Going through these amazing creations by John Weiss on how to become the best version of yourself

I believe Usain Bolt is one of the greatest athlete to be ever born in this earth and without doubt the greatest sprinter ever. I repeatedly watch his wins in Olympics. What a perfect example of focus and concentration towards a goal. You will also love watching this again
We had installed few weeks back a gantry system in one of our production line and that eventually will take away some manual jobs. When I posted the video on twitter some one commented that about losing jobs and how sad it is. Historically the world has belonged to creative people. Whether it is manually ploughing the field to tractors or using ropes and bucket to pull water from a well to using pump. The only way to work your way up is to be creative and upskill yourself every day. Here’s a wonderful video by Dan Koe on this.
With some stressful days regarding my passport renewal ( had a name change issue with ‘Kumar’ in between my first and last name), it finally seems on its way and after few years of practically being off my first love, Wildlife Photography, I will back to doing it. Off to Kenya soon. I will definitely try to keep this newsletter going camping at the Masai Mara forests.
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Sandeep Mall

May 15, 2022

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