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A good tool to take care of nails…As people grow older, their toenails often become thicker, making them harder to cut. Here’s a home remedy that works: apply a bit of Vicks Vaporub ointment (normally used for easing chest congestion) to your thick nails, massaging it on gently. Wipe off any excess ointment before pulling on socks or going to bed. After a month or so of daily applications, you should find your toenails softer and easier to trim.
Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2022 – a peek at some of the entries. Highlighting the fragility, resilience and beauty of the natural world, this year’s images bring the biodiversity crisis – and power of conservation – into sharp focus 
A polar bear hanging out of a window, a bonobo cradling a mongoose, a giraffe hiding under a railway bridge – these are just some of the stunning images entered into this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.
Among the more unusual images was Dmitry Kokh’s shot of a polar bear taken in the Russian high Arctic (main image). When his boat approached the small island of Kolyuchin, abandoned by humans since 1992, he was surprised to spot movement in one of the houses. Binoculars revealed nearly two dozen polar bears exploring the ghost town. Dmitry used a low-noise drone to document the surreal experience.

July 3, 2022

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