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How to brush your teeth properly?
Do you brush for two minutes, with the correct type of brush and toothpaste? Did you know you’re supposed to spit, not rinse after brushing? And that brushing at the wrong time can cause damage. Though all of us have been brushing our teeth but many still are not aware the right way. Found this article of good help to understand about dental care.
How to Declutter?
Recently we moved to our renovated room and in the process found we have been storing so much of clutter over the years. Things we have not used or were not even aware of. So we did a minimalist drive to clear up the clutter. Almost 6 boxes of good we identified to donate. Decluttering is just editing your home. I found this article very helpful while doing decluttering.
How to set up your phone for maximum productivity?
Few months back in one of the issues of Good Vibes, I had shared about this wonderful setting for optimising productivity with your phone. A dear friend shared again and I believe it’s worth resharing here as it is a very well explained, step by step guide on How to Configure Your iPhone to Work for You, Not Against You.

July 31, 2022

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