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Only 4 weeks to go for The Growth Retreat, a networking event, I am hosting at Rishikesh from 8-11th December 2022. Every week we bring you a write up by one of the esteemed guest speakers of the Retreat, giving you a sneak peak of what they will be sharing with the participants of the Retreat.
Food – The cause of health issues & its solutions
by Pramila Mundhra
The food we eat has a great impact on our health and ageing. If we make the right choices, it can prevent most diseases, delay degenerative process of the body and ensure a great quality of life.
Many of us are still not aware of the extent of power, our food habits can have on our mind, moods and performance. Food habits and lifestyle have changed drastically in last few decades that it has messed up our hormonal systems. We are surrounded by highly processed, easily available foods so often that the will power to buy and cook healthy regularly is challenging to keep up for many. 
Food on our plate has to be looked from an aspect of Nutrient density rather than just calories and in a way which stimulates optimal hormonal response. Hormones control our hunger, capacity to store or burn fat which has the greatest impact on our health. Modern external environment is exploding with endocrine disruptors which also cause wide range of harm to our health, without our awareness. 
We need to look at health in a holistic manner as mind, body and emotions are closely connected to what we consume. Factors such as sleep, stress levels, physical movement, quality and quantity of food collectively determine our overall health. 
As the world is moving rapidly towards an environment which keeps us wired, stressed and sedentary most of the time, it is imperative that we adopt a multi pronged approach and cultivate simple yet powerful habits to keep us sane, productive and healthy in long term. Food remains the major cause of most health issues, hence the solution lies in change of food choices.
Pramila Mundra holds a Masters Degree in Food Science and Nutrition. With more than 20 years experience in the field of Nutrition, she has recently added a Certified Diploma in LOW CARB nutrition and a course in Preksha Dhyana Meditation. Pramila also conducts “Healthy recipes” workshop when time permits.Her line of treatment focusses on individual health goals, studying their history, making simple lifestyle changes and a step by step, customised meal planning with a holistic approach to help achieve optimal health. She runs her own Health and Wellness clinic at Adarsh Palm Retreat, Bangalore. 
You can connect with her on Twitter at @pramilaMundra 
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September 11, 2022

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