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Only 5 weeks to go for The Growth Retreat, a networking event, I am hosting at Rishikesh from 8-11th December 2022. Every week we bring you a write up by one of the esteemed guest speakers of the Retreat, giving you a sneak peak of what they will be sharing with the participants of the Retreat.
Content Creation – Personal Branding
by Manish Pandey
Let us not sound really boring and preachy if I tell you that oh’ it is a digital world and you have to use the power of the Internet and social media if you have to be ahead of curve and make the most of it. I am not going to get into the numbers and statistics because by the time you read this, it will change and anyways the body remembers numbers. Only I am going to act to sound smart which I do not think I am, at least not more than the readers, LOL
I am sure, all of you professionals – who have built businesses, and leaders who are leading great teams, know it already – and now the real question is – if you have not worked on it even after knowing about it, I do not know what should I call you….
As they say, The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is TODAY. So, the good news is, – You Are Never Late. Congratulations, let us start NOW. 
Hello, My name is Manish Pandey, I started my career at age 11 doing odd jobs, kept at it and things led me to the world of the Internet – I took on digital marketing, social media, and networking using the power of social, personal branding, content creation, got a chance to be a part of building Josh Talks with my friends and continue to be a part of it, work with top content creators of the Nation, you must have come across or know of many, a lot of start-ups (both new and established) founders talk to me all the time and the topic of discussion is around – Brand Building, Personal Brand, Telling a better story and I am fortunate to be contributing. 
All these experience has given me some good confidence and I look forward to discussing these with you at the Retreat. I am itching to give quick 10 points on How to ….., However – I want to hold myself and keep it for the retreat so that when I meet you all, I have things to talk about, Of course, we are also going to discuss mindfulness – It’s Rishikesh, how can we not indulge into the soul food? Okay, let us also throw a little bit of wildlife and conservation – because – hey our troop leader is Sandeep. The interesting thing is, you are going to get a lot of wildlife references while I talk to you about the art of building an organization’s brand and personal brand.  
EXCITED to see you all there!!!
Manish Pandey is a digital marketer working in leadership roles looking after content strategy, working with early-stage start-ups, branding and marketing unit et al. He also works with entrepreneurs to elevate personal brands using video content and social media platforms. Manish has worked with several digital and social media agencies and projects like TEDxGateway. Recently, Manish co-authored a book named ‘Booming Digital Stars’ – covering the aspects of creator economy and stories of 11 most inspiring content creators of India. You can connect with him on twitter @join2manish.

August 28, 2022

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