The Mentors at the Growth Retreat

Only 7 weeks to go for The Growth Retreat, a networking event, I am hosting at Rishikesh from 8-11th December 2022. Every week we will bring you a write up by one of the esteemed guest speakers of the Retreat, giving you a sneak peak of what they will be sharing with the participants of the Retreat.
Everyone Can Write
by Sangeeta Mall
Everyone Can Write’ is a writing workshop to develop effective communication through the written word. It includes elements of
1.    How to begin
2.    Some style essentials
3.    Normal is boring
Why write? All writing communicates. From the label on a can of beans to the directions for using a washing machine to a romantic novel, everything is communication. All communication has transmission loss. Good writing minimises transmission loss, and the receiver and sender understand each other with accuracy.
Verbal transmission is the most direct form of communication. Eg
Is this an instruction, a command, a request? 
‘Please talk.’ (Request)
‘Talk into the microphone.’ (Instruction)
‘Talk to me right now.’ (Command)
Busting Myths
Only good writers write well.
Only writers write.
There are no standards for good writing.
Good writing can’t be defined.
What is writing?
A word on a digital or physical page is writing.
What is good effective writing?
  1. Purposive
  2. Precise
  3. Direct
  4. Original
  5. Unexpected
Elements of text
  1. Form
  2. Content
  1. Short/long
  2. Direct/Indirect
  3. Concise/Descriptive
  1. Unexpected
  2. Stylish
  3. Precise
  4. Targeted
Sangeeta Mall is the author of 2 novels, Cloud 9 Minus One, published by HarperCollins India, and Flight of the Flamingo, published by Westland Books. Her short story, Twenty Gun Salute, has been adapted into the film, Sunny Side Upar, a part of the anthology, Zindagi in Short on Netflix. Formerly Sangeeta was editor of International Humanist News, and Managing Editor of The Radical Humanist. Sangeeta has done her Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Pittsburgh. Sangeeta began her career as a business executive and is an alum of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. In addition to writing fiction, Sangeeta also conducts creative writing workshops for anyone interested in the art and craft of writing.
You can connect with her on Twitter @sangeetawoman

August 14, 2022

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