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Only 5 weeks to go for The Growth Retreat, a networking event, I am hosting at Rishikesh from8-11th December 2022. Every week we bring you a write up by one of the esteemed guest speakers of the Retreat, giving you a sneak peak of what they will be sharing with the participants of the Retreat.
Make the rest of your life the best of your life.
by Vipul Gupta
One day, at a round table of a few well-known industrialists, I was asked to introduce myself. Other than saying that I was the CEO of so and so company, I had no other thing to say.
Later that day, I realized that I really was just a victim of my designation, and my limit, my introduction, my very identity was just the name of the company I represented. 
Was that my true identity? And I was already contemplating exiting my business, so would that mean that I would not have any introduction of myself at all?
 Standing at crossroads when I hit 55, I had what people recognize as mid-life crisis. A crisis of identity, of self-confidence, of the very purpose of life.
 I had a choice… either continue to do something that I had been doing most of my adult life, or choose a path – new and unchartered.
 “Manthan” over days, weeks and months, I finally stumbled upon a simple truth – of profound value, ‘Focus on significance rather than success’.
 And that became the new north star. I chose life over money, build something that would last way beyond my life and the commercial successes of my business.
I decided to build a blueprint for a new exciting, vibrant, meaningful and serving life.
I will be sharing my journey with the participants at the Retreat hosted by my dear friend, philosopher and guide Sandeep Mall.
Vipul Gupta, a mechanical engineer by education, spent his professional life building teams and organisations. He now lends his strategic skills, and experience in leading people and dealing with complexity to address community-oriented development issues. Vipul shares a deep bond with Kanha and its surroundings. He leads Earth Focus as its Executive Director. He can be contacted on Email

August 21, 2022

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