The Indian Election Tamasha

The Indian Elections starts in around two weeks. It might be the only country where the General Elections are held over a month. The poll results will be counted on 16th May and we have two months of daily dose of entertainment on television. I am sorry I used the wrong word entertainment. This time its hate & more hate. The politicians talk all crap. The media is working for their TRP’s . Its just one week left for the election to start and there has been no talk of any issue and development. All the brick backing on the news channels is by hand picked few politicians of the main parties and is stage managed to increase more hate and partition.
This is the second LokSabha election I will be voting. I always used to find my name stuck off the voters list. Any way now this time hopefully my name will be there and I will vote but whom do I vote for? The candidates dont visit the city area – they prefer to go to the rural area and places where there are more voters and where they can manipulate the voters using caste and false promises. I did a search to find out who the candidates are. Looking at their history,performance in the past and activities I dont want to vote for any of these guys. So I decided I will vote for the party which synchs most with my thought process. Unfortunately its a huge vacuum there also. All parties this time are just talking division and hate. Its so unfortunate and I feel so depressed about the future of this great country. The Indian political system must be the most unaccountable one in the world to its citizen. Does any tax payer know whats happening to his hard earned money? Where does it go? What are we doing towards education, quality of life, health care, security …. ? Is there a concrete plan and follow up action. Are we supposed to sit idle and vote for these guys as voting is our dutiful right as a citizen of this country? I dont have a platform to vent my anguish and pain. I found expressing my views on the blog here might lessen my stress. I need to be heard. And I am sure when I say ‘ I ‘ – its not just me but many more like me who want to play a role in taking back the country to its golden heights.
Looking at the candidates in my constituency NOTA could be a winner.

March 22, 2014

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