The desire for revenge

Over the last few weeks I am noticing a war of words going around amongst couple of my friends on facebook.  I asked one of them one day without any intention of intruding – where is it leading? Is he getting more happiness doing what he is.  He responded he and his family has been humiliated and blah blah blah and he wants to take revenge and make life miserable for the other.  This incidence motivated this post.

Ask yourself very honestly how many times in your life did you feel joy, even a slight trace of it, when something negative happened with someone who had harmed you or hurt you or insulted you in any way in the past.  Have you ever had this negative form of joy.  It may not sound very nice, but this kind of joy is enjoying the pain of others and is  an extremely low grade form of joy. Sometimes, as a way of justifying our joyful revenge we call it justice. It is a feeling of:  “I really enjoyed it when what they had done to me came to them – I was so happy to see them suffer for what they had done, this is their punishment … tit for tat. This only increases our sorrow although it gives us an impression that its decreasing it. Imagine someone meeting with an accident on the road and in a lot of pain and instead of helping that person immediately we smile at that person happy with what has happened to him or her. What energy is going to radiate back to you?  There is not going to be any end to this hatred. It will be only stress and loss to both the people. And funny part is which they dont realise – bystanders on both sides will have fun and enjoy and escalate. 

Life is too small and short for all these. So the next time something like this happens in our life, we need to remind ourselves  if we don’t have the slightest trace of joy inside us that in reacting negatively and continuing hatred – whats the point. Forgive and forget. Let be & Let go. Have fun.

September 28, 2013

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