The buck stops with us

As a developing economy, our future depends on industrialization. However industrial development does the worst damage to environment. Though the per capita income increases with more industrialization but quality of life worsens. The environmental problems take a back stage inthe flurry of growth.

We are now one billion plus. A major part of the population migrates to cities for better opportunities. This is easier for growth and industrialization but comes with a huge cost of social and regional equilibrium. As all the growth is taking around cities, the country side becomes impoverished. Because of this the farmer Is selling off his land and the green belts around the cities are getting converted to slums. The bulging cities themselves are environmental disasters. We have neither the resource, nor the skill to stop this malady. The retreating forests and farmlands are now slums with non existent sewerages and polluted air and water. Further the small industries neither have the will nor resources nor know how to stop effluents. The vested interests of people in the government do not help the cause of regulations. Whatever regulations are there, are overshadowed and over ruled by the bribe we pay. What can we do:

1. Stop Using plastics
2. Plant Trees
3. Throw garbage in bins
4. Spread awareness
5. Follow regulations
6. Force our leaders to bring tough laws and legislation
7. Use CFL lights
8. Switch off TV or other electronics from the main switch and not just remote
9. Charge your phone or other electronics for the time needed and not the whole night
10. Save Water

There can be other things added to this list. But the most important is to create awareness about this.

March 12, 2009

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