The 50th

The Fifty 

Today, I complete 50 years of my life. Am I old or young? Old amongst the youth and young amongst the old. It’s such a mixed feeling. Am happy at my achievements and also afraid of being dependent in years ahead. At times I realize have done so many things in these 50 years and at times repent missing out so many things . Yes, being 50 brings mixed feelings.


I am a child in this side of the age group. Why not restart life? Raising the level of curiosity about everything around. Unprejudiced and non-judgmental. I should start life afresh.  




Create as much memories as possible. Go to new places. Spend my money on experiences rather than materialistic pleasures.


Become closer as a family. Try to understand what my boys think. Try to feel all the challenges my parents went through in making me what I am today. And most importantly, value all the sacrifices Minoo has done to make our marriage a happy one.  


Be a good friend. My friends have played enormous roles in making the person I am. Try to learn from their roles and be a good friend to all.  


Learn to be happy with less. God has been great all these years to give me enough resources to have what ever I wished for. Try to reduce the greed and consciously practice ‘less is more’. 


Love and respect nature. Every thing God has designed is perfect. In my young days have often overlooked those, high on youthful zeal. Will try to respect nature more and inspire others to do so. 


Become more open minded and hearted Many a times before taking crucial decisions in life, the first question I have asked myself was ‘What’s in there for me’. Will try to now be more open minded and understand ‘What’s there for others’ in my actions.


Live a life of compassion I have the best mentor for this in my Grand Mom. She is the best living example of some one who lives for others. Always considerate and understanding of others. Her life is a life of service. Like they say in Rotary – Service above Self. Try to follow her life. Even if I achieve 10% of that it will be like being born again.  


Read. Lot more Will sincerely try to read lot more, specially my favorite subjects – history and people. With hectic work schedule, it has been difficult to continue with the desired pace of reading but as I slow down in years ahead, will try to spend lot more time reading about the world history and people.

Motivate Will strive to bring in more positivity in life and motivate people to achieve their goals. I have seen lot of success in things, that I have been positive about. Will try to share and coach all I come across and help them achieve their aspirations.  


Thank you all for your kind wishes and blessings. I am overwhelmed. There is a lot to be grateful for.  


July 23, 2016

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