Stress Kills – Sort it out now

Stress corrodes the human body The fact is, stress kills. How can you stay healthy under stress. Some pointers that has helped me stay calm and get out of stress.

1. Eat Well – Sugary food and drinks gives you an instant spike in serotonin which gives you a high. Avoid it. Eat complex carb which will gives you the energy needed. Eat mindfully. Eat slowly. Chew well.

2. Exercise – Under stress we start skipping exercise routine even if we had one. However, exercise is a powerful natural stress-reliever that will flood your body with feelgood endorphins. Go to the gym or a walk or run.

3.Seek help- There is no shame in seeking help. It can be a friend or family or professional doctor. At some point in my life I also went for a 12 week counselling.

4. Get enough sleep- Try to get enough sleep. Don’t go for pills. They are double edged sword. It’s better to resolve your sleep issues by dealing with the underlying source of stress.

5. Develop support structures – Your family and friends can help. When people open up, they’re often overwhelmed by how much support is available to them.

6. Declutter and do nothing – We are overwhelmed because of various work and home life factors. Declutter from things and thoughts. Doing nothing helps a lot. Keep some time for doing nothing.

April 26, 2020

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