Start A Decision Journal

Every day, you make 35,000 decisions. Little decisions like what to wear. Big decisions like what job to take. And every decision has an outcome that changes the trajectory of your life in some way.

We all consume too much “work harder” content when the biggest gains are under “work smarter.” So, as a toolkit to working smarter, let me recommend starting a decision journal.

Here’s a template:

5 steps for every decision journal entry:

1) What is the decision?
2) What is the desired outcome?
3) Why do you believe the outcome will occur?
4) What are the consequences if the outcome doesn’t occur?
5) How do you feel at the time?

A few other things to keep in mind while decision journaling:

  • Journal big decisions, not all decisions
  • Journal when you’re making the decision
  • Set a future date to revisit the decision

Source : Alex Lieberman

April 24, 2022

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