Some Examples

Fixed Mindset: I’m either good at something or I’m not.

Growth Mindset: I can improve my skills with effort and practice.

Fixed Mindset: When people give me feedback, it feels like criticism.

Growth Mindset: I appreciate when people give me feedback. It helps me learn and grow.

Fixed Mindset: I’m too shy to speak in front of the audience.

Growth Mindset: With practice, I can become more confident and improve my public speaking skills.

Fixed Mindset: I’m already a really good writer. I don’t need to get any better.

Growth Mindset: There’s always room for improvement.

Fixed Mindset: Other people’s successes make me feel bad about myself.

Growth Mindset: Other people’s successes encourage and inspire me. They show me what is possible.

Fixed Mindset: Successful people are lucky/talented and have never experienced failure.

Growth Mindset: Failure is part of success. Most successful people have failed many times, but they succeeded because they didn’t quit.

Fixed Mindset: It’s embarrassing when I make a mistake.

Growth Mindset: Everyone makes mistakes and mistakes are opportunities to learn.

Fixed Mindset: I can’t do that!

Growth Mindset: I can’t do that yet. I will keep going, try new strategies, and/or ask for help until I understand it.

These fixed mindset vs. growth mindset examples will help you not only understand the difference, but also put these powerful concepts into practice. Consider writing your favourite growth mindset examples on sentence strips and hanging them on a board or some place visible to you as a daily reminder.

November 27, 2022

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