Shoes : What to Wear

The shoes you choose to wear every day have a cumulative effect on the health of your feet. Crowded, ill-fitting shoes can lead to blisters, bunions, corns, calluses, hammertoes, and other painful problems. High heels can cause foot problems as well as back pain, postural misalignment, shortened calf muscles, and falls. Fortunately, there are many shoes available today designed for both comfort and style.
Look for shoes with a wide toe box that doesn’t squeeze your toes together. Women are especially prone to buying shoes that are too small, and the vast majority of foot problems in women come from wearing tight shoes. One helpful tip is to shop for shoes in the afternoon when your feet have slightly expanded, to avoid choosing too-tight shoes. Wear the socks or stockings that you would expect to wear with the shoes. Don’t be shy about asking to get your foot measured by a salesperson—most people’s feet get slightly larger and wider as they age, so your size may need adjustment over time.
Also make sure the shoe offers plenty of cushioning and support, including built-in arch supports. Many shoes today are designed with memory foam and composite soles to offer extra shock absorption. When looking for athletic shoes, always choose shoes that are designed for the activity you’ll be doing. Make sure they are roomy enough so that your toes don’t hit the front of the shoe as you move.
For daily use, women should opt for shoes with a low heel— no higher than three-quarters of an inch. The higher the heel, the worse it will be for your feet, even if the heels are wide.

July 17, 2022

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