Secrets to enjoying photography

Get out of the chair. Go and shoot. Shoot at the every opportunity you have. Shoot what you like. Not what others want or advise until and unless they are paying for it. Dont try to copy others. I have seen people try to copy pictures even if they are not comfortable doing it the way it has been done. Love your way. Cameras or equipment is of little help. Shoot with what ever equipment you have instead of fretting about your gear. Your desire to shoot will give more satisfaction then the equipment. Dont try to do things new which others have not done. Do what is “you”. Take pictures from your heart, shooting the way you want to. Avoid negativity. Better not to listen to arm chair critiques. Love your work. Shoot positive pictures. Nobody wants to see negativity. Be a story teller. Photographers should be story tellers. Stop obsession about equipment and f stops. Use your heart and head. You will create some great images.

This image of the mating lions was shot at masai mara, kenya. Passion at work 🙂

September 6, 2012

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