Say Thanks

Couple of weeks ago, we were on this boat ride with an American lady on the Yamuna. We had gone to see the beautiful Taj Mahal. She said ‘Thanks’ so many times in that half an hour, to the boatman, guide or us. Never complaining about any thing despite the stink coming from the river or filth around. That was such a learning moment for me.
We often overlook the power of simple gestures like making eye contact, smiling, paying a compliment or greeting people. These meaningful acts certainly add happiness to our days and theirs. By helping others feel good about themselves, our own happiness significantly grows. Take a moment to see how your positive energy brightens someone’s day today. Everyone is looking to be acknowledged and heard. Sometimes that is all that people need from you. Let them know through your words and actions that they matter. Notice how you feel when you greet the security guard at the gate, hold the door open for a stranger or thank your family member. When you spend time with someone, you understand their value and importance. Kindness in action will bring you more joy than you thought.

December 26, 2021

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