Samvatsari- A day to say sorry

Received an SMS from my dear friend and fellow Rotarian Devashis Kuthari asking for forgiveness in all his actions on this day when Jains across the globe celebrate Samvatsari – a day to say Sorry. I was curious about this and was really amazed about this annual Jain community ‘Sorry Telling Day’. Samvatsari is considered as the most pious day of a year and Jain people do prayer on this day to ask for the forgiveness for anything they did to hurt someone by means of thoughts, words, acts or deeds. They would ask for pardon from all the living being – human, plants, animals etc. Any word , action that might have hurt anyone. It really takes guts to say sorry and that too for no reason (thats what everyone thinks). Just imagine what state this world would be without this single word and another word close to this could be Thanks. I have seen lot of misunderstandings, my sudden wrong actions – intentional or unintentional just getting sorted out when I said sorry. We copy so much from other culture like Thanksgiving day, Valentines day, mothers day …… archies has created a day every day but I see no effort from these marketing companies to promote this great day. I think we should try more to look into our culture which is tried and tasted over the centuries. Lets take the first step to say sorry to atleast those we know we have hurt intentionally , forget about unintentional or to other living things. And lets also remember to say Thanks. To all my friends Khamat Khamna barambar 🙂

September 1, 2011

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