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Resistance Bands for Strength Training

Now that we are in the peak of Covid second wave and restricted within home, Resistance bands have become a hot commodity, the go-to- equipment for the house bound lifters. They can be useful for strength training later also when traveling and need some resistance equipment. Buy four different resistance and if u can afford in pair as there can be more options to your workout plan. Here are the ones I use

You can buy any other brand of your choice also. Just look at different resistance strength. It will be different colours usually.

There are a number of progressive overload strategies you can employ to make resistance band training hard and effective. Here are five to think about:

1) Increase band thickness. This can be done easily if you have a nice range of bands. It can also be done by doubling up two bands which works equally well.

2) Increase reps. Try adding 2 or more reps each week, which will increase overall volume.

3)Number of sets. You could start with 3 sets and progress to 4 or 5 over a series of weeks. As above, this will increase volume.

4) Decrease rest between sets. Less time recovery times means an increase in workout density. This is an underutilized method of progressive overload that’s very effective for this sort of workout.

5) Intensity. If you typically work 2-3 reps shy of failure, try increasing that to 1 rep shy or complete failure from time to time.

You could also play with more advanced intensity methods like rest pauses and isometric holds

Here is a thread of workouts that can be done using resistance bands. I keep adding to this thread, so you can bookmark

April 29, 2021

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