Psyche Well-Being

by Dr. Neha Das
A little awareness about own health can bring one’s attention towards health. Usually, people get aware about health when they are either hit by illness or they get an alarm, waking them up regarding their current health situation.
In India, we are aware about our own feelings, emotions, mental breakdown and ways to improve mental health. I would like to bring your focus on the stigma of mental health. When a person becomes consciously aware about the condition of mental health. Then the work starts for maintaining and improving mental health. Just like physical illness, for example, cough and cold, we may often get mentally ill. Generally, people focus only on that, it may not happen with me or if something as such like low mental health identify on our part then we don’t feel comfortable to share about it with others
 We have counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists and mental health practitioners. We have to create a mentally healthy society. But it’s not enough for one sided effort by mental health practitioners only. With the healers, the society has to play its role as an individual and in groups to prosper mental health of one and all. So, we are all together in this. A proper diagnose or identification of psychological issue is halfway to healing the lives. It will be really amazing that with ample of knowledge & awareness about mental health we can break the stigma.

March 13, 2022

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