Privilege to be a part of this wonderful journey with other 500 + participants

Thanks a lot for the excellent initiative of the 100 days challenge and it was my proud privilege to be the part of this wonderful journey with other 500 + participants. Enjoyed it thoroughly. My activities were mostly restricted to running and cycling as gyms were closed throughout due to pandemic.

I could achieve many firsts on a personal level such as completing 30 km, 37 km and finally 42 km runs for the first time during this 100 days challenge. I had never been fitter than this before. Lost a few kgs and inches.

I also take this opportunity to thank your team and all the wonderful people working relentlessly at backend to make this event a grand success. A big thanks to all the sponsors . All the Saturday sessions conducted during this challenge were very educational and inspiring .

I sincerely appreciate your consistent efforts to make people aware about the importance of fitness. You are doing a noble job by educating and inspiring people to be fitter and better in order to achieve more in life . Your morning tweets and threads are very inspiring and I look forward to them. I also follow your strength training threads and you tube videos to learn more about weight training. You are definitely a fitness icon who is spreading a lot of positivity around.

Thanks a lot once again. Looking forward to future challenges and meeting you in person someday.

Hemant Pawar

July 14, 2021

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