Positive reflections – Happy New Year 2013

There is a time, when enough is enough… There is a time to bid goodbye to the old and the ordinary… and to awaken the beauty within…
That time is NOW … It is time to get up and take charge of life …
Awaken to a new way of living – HAPPY New YEAR, New THOUGHTS, New LIFE, New WORLD ….

We all want a world which is safe, where each of us gets the respect and dignity we deserve. A world free of abuse and exploitation.

Every thought of criticism, jealousy, anger, hatred, rejection or hurt which we create is self inflicted abuse. Let us promise our self, that we will protect our self from our own sanskars. As we do that we will be making love and harmony our natural ‘sanskar’, and then automatically be compassionate towards others.

As we begin the New Year with powerful greetings and blessings for all our family and friends, let us take a moment to greet ourselves. To promise ourselves a year full of LOVE, PEACE and HAPPINESS. Let us leave behind what we don’t need to carry …HURT, SADNESS, PAIN,
FEAR and REGRETS, because we have a choice and the power.

We pledge today, that our every thought, word and action will come out of our natural qualities of Peace and Love.

Create a determined thought, and see yourself doing it in action with family, friends, colleagues, staff, neighbours and strangers. Together we are creating a NEW WORLD, a world where –

Peace is the religion
Love is the language
Compassion is the relationship
Truth is in action and
Happiness is a way of living.


January 1, 2013

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